The Last Days

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Accept the Lord Jesus Christ today and be saved!  No day
is promised to you.  This may be your last.  Just pray this

Dear Jesus (Yeshua) :

I am a sinner.  I have said and done things in my life that I am not proud of and
were not pleasing to you.   Please cleanse my heart and mind.  Fill me with Your
Spirit and become the Lord of my life.  

Your Word says that if I ask for forgiveness, you are faithful and just to forgive me
and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I believe you are the Son of the living
God, Yahweh, and that you died for my sins on a cross.

I also believe that you were raised from the dead and now sit at the right hand of
God the Father and that you are coming for those who believe in You.

I believe this with all my heart and from this day forward I want to live for you.  


(Let us know if you prayed this prayer.  We want to keep you in prayer.)
"For the time will come when they will not endure
sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears
tickled, they will accumulate for themselves
teachers in accordance to their own desires; and
will turn away their ears from the truth, and will
turn aside to myths."
(2 Timothy 4: 3-4)
WHO ARE GOD'S  Prophets in the
Last DAYS?
God has always spoken through prophets.  God's prophets of the last
days won't be found dressed in sheepskin eating locust in the desert
like John, but rather, they are men and women like you and  me
whom God has chosen to bring insight concerning end-time events
for the benefit of His people.  Joel 2: 28-29 prophesied that God
would pour out His Spirit upon men and women prior to the Day of
the Lord.  But the Bible warns us to beware of the FALSE ones.  God
has sent messengers in these last days who have five major functions:

Welcome to this website. Our prayer is that you will be
encouraged by the truth of its messages.  There is no doubt we
are living in the last days and Jesus Christ is extending His hand
of Salvation to all who will believe.  But, He is also extending
knowledge through His servants of the events that will lead to His
return.  Wake up before it is too late!  
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The Red Horse is Riding
Daniel's Apocalypse: Revealing
the End-Times!!
Is America in Bible Prophecy?  Absolutely, and  the book of
Daniel prophesies her fate!  Does the Antichrist come from
the European Union?  No, he doesn't, but the book of Daniel
tells us where.  Will the Church go through tribulation?  Yes,
it will, but not the Great Tribulation.  This book answer
your most important questions about the

You will be shocked and stunned that theologians  had it
wrong all the time.  But, how could they have known the
truth?  The book was sealed, until now...
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Daniel's Apocalypse:
Revealing the End-Times
Meet Author, Sandra Thompson
The book of Revelation details the wrath that mankind has brought upon
himself because of his turning away from God.  The book has 7 seals of
which the first two have been fully opened.  The third seal is opening and
may very well be fully opened within this coming year!  (Revelation 6: 5-6)

The second seal is a rider on a
red horse.  This horse and rider denotes
the violence, crime, and bloodshed that has and will increase at an
unprecedented rate in the history of mankind.  

The rider of the red horse has been given the authority to take peace
from the earth. The sword in the rider's hand denotes war.

We are living in that time.  There is no peace anywhere.  Violence, crime,
bloodshed, and war are on the upswing.  And guess what?  It will only get
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Prophecy Unveiled
P.O. Box 31043
Houston, Texas  77231

1)  To declare and reveal His mysteries to His people of the last days

2) To warn the churches of the soon return of Jesus Christ and the
urgent need to pray, repent and be on the alert

3) To dispel religious myths and false doctrines

4) To alert followers of Christ to the antics of false prophets and

5) To exhort followers of Christ to love God and one another.

There is no doubt that we are living in the
last days, for the difficult times spoken of
in the book of Timothy are here!  Today
we are seeing a level of wickedness and
evil we have never seen before.  The war
between good and evil is being
manifested before our very eyes.  Men
have become all of the descriptors given
in 2 Timothy 3: 1-5.   Men's hearts have
grown cold just as Jesus predicted in
Matthew 24:12.  

In these difficult times, we are seeing a
level of unprecedented hatred,
corruptness, lawlessness, and greed
unlike any other time.

It is time for those called by His name to
first get ourselves right first , (2
Chronicles 7:14).
Make no mistake, judgment will begin
with the household of God, (1 Peter 4:17).

So, let us pray for all saints that as these
difficult days unfold,  God will hide us in
the shadow of His wings.  Amen.
Iran Rejects 'Baseless and
Provocative' Trump Warning

The book of Daniel, chapter 8, speaks of a
"goat" (the U.S.) that will utterly destroy a
"ram."  The ram is identified as "Medes and
Persia" which today is Iran.  

The Bear Awakens: Russia's
Military Is Back

The book of Daniel, chapter 7, speaks of a
bear devouring much meat.  The bear is
.  Is America the meat?

Russian Bombers again Fly Near Alaska
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Lesson 2
What is a Prophet?
A prophet is a spokesperson for God.  He or she is one who warns, admonishes, teaches, counsels, and
encourages God people.  God's
modern-day prophets of the last days won't be found dressed in
sheepskin eating locust in the desert like John, but rather, they are men and women like you and  me
whom God has chosen to bring insight concerning end-time events for the benefit of His people.
"Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals
His secret counsel to His servants the prophets."  
(Amos 3:7)
The Grave is Licking Its Lips
       by Ardith Price
If you knew what
events lied in the
future, would you
prepare for them?  
Then, why not read
Daniel's Apocalypse:
Revealing the
End-Times.  The book
of Daniel has
revealed them to you.
The Meaning of

There are two important questions that as
Christians we should ask ourselves? Is it
possible that Donald Trump is God’s last call to
Christians and to America in order to shake up
the status quo and to get us to turn back to
Him?  Is Donald Trump also the beginning of
the dividing of the wheat from the tare?
(Matthew 13:24-30)       
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always walked on the right path or felt worthy of God's love and
forgiveness.  This book was written with the intent of helping others to
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"And when he had opened the third
seal, I heard the third beast say,
Come and see.  And I beheld, and lo a
black horse; and he that sat on him
had a pair of balances in his hand."

The third horseman in the book of
Revelation, chapter 6 will soon be
riding.  He will bring with him economic
collapse, food shortage, and famine.