Living in the
Last Days
Living in the Last Days
School of Bible Prophecy

Jesus warned several times to be on the alert for His
coming.  Yet, the conversation that dominates most
churches today is far from adequately preparing the
Saints for His coming.  In fact, the Saints cannot be
significantly prepared without understanding the
messages of prophecy hidden in scripture for them.  
The time is now to empower yourself with one or more
of these six sessions of condensed and in-depth studies
of End-time prophecy.  The sessions focus on those
books of the bible and topics that have a significant
impact on the readiness of God's people for the soon
coming of Jesus Christ and to face the difficult days that
will take place prior to His coming!
Debunking Prophecy
Daniel: A Book of
Hidden Messages
Revelation: Chronicle of
In this session, you will study
scriptures that debunk interpretations
of prophecy that have been
erroneously passed down through the
years and still exist.
This session highlights three  
significant messages to the people of
God that until recently, have been
hidden from the world.
Understanding the book of Revelation
has long been a challenge in Christan
circles. This session provides an
understanding and chronicles the
events prophesied to occur in the
end-times. Prophecies of Isaiah,
Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are included.
Prophetic Parables
The Rapturing Truth
Who is the Antichrist?
Many parables have been taught from
scripture that have an immediate
impact upon our lives.  Yet, an
important message of prophecy has
often been lost or ignored. This
session explores God's prophetic
messsages of the parables to those
living in the last days.
This session highlights the truths and
untruths regarding the "rapture."  It
identifies scriptures that firmly answers
the questions, ""When will the rapture
take place and who will be raptured?
There is much speculation as to who
the Antichrist might be.  But, why
speculate? The bible is clear about
who he will be, when he will come,
and how Christians will know him.  
This sessions seeks to cite scriptures
that dispel myths and promotes truth
concerning the Antichrist.

Each session is designed to give a condensed , but thorough study of the suggested topic and is independent of the
other sessions.  Therefore, each may be studied alone or all six as one course. The cost of each session is $25.00
and consists of an audio lesson along with Study Questions.  After reviewing the audio lesson and study questions,
you may take a session assessment.  After successful completion of the assessment, you will receive a Certificate of
Completion for that session.  Upon completion of all six sessions, you will receive a framed certificate
acknowledging your proficiency in bible prophecy.


Enroll by clicking on the "Register Now" button above.  Select the session or sessions you want to enroll in.  Make a
payment through Paypal.  You may also mail in your payment.  After registration and receipt of payment, your
audio lesson, study questions, and assessment may be downloaded by email.  Email back your assessment and we
will send your results along with a Certificate of Completion.

Living in the Last Days School of Bible Prophecy is sponsored by Prophecy Unveiled.  All materials are
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