Why Christianity Is Declining in America
Prophecy Unveiled...The Last Days
Recently, the Pew Research Center reported a sharp decline between 2007 and 2014
from 78.4% to 70.6% in adults affiliated with Christianity, particularly in the Protestant
and Catholic churches.  There are several notable reasons for the decline.

Christian churches have become big businesses and the majority of Americans
today look unfavorably upon big business.
 Although churches are billed as non-
profit organizations, the truth is, these non-profits have characteristics of a big
business.  Bologna King once wrote, “big business is incredibly selfish” and so are
many of the churches.  Week after week, Sunday after Sunday, people who attend many
of these churches, walk in poor and needy and leave the same way.  Yet, some church
pastors seem to be getting richer and richer.  These pastors have been recorded as
having lavished mansions, airplanes, helicopters, and bank accounts, while many of
their parishioners live modestly or poor.

"Nearly three-quarters of the public (72%), now thinks religion is losing
influence in American life.”  
This is a no-brainer since many of society’s ills can be
found in the church.  Christian churches seem to be losing that “ecclesia,” that “called-
out” status. There seems to be no distinction between them and society in terms of
dress, holiness, faith, and behavior. Therefore Americans, particularly young
Americans, are finding no use for them.

The Christian church is losing spiritual power.  Every Christian church in America
can be identified as one of the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation,
chapters 2 and 3.  Unfortunately, there are only a very few of the Philadelphia church.  
More and more, the church is leaving the oracles of God in
favor of money, status, and fame.

The Christian message must mature with the times.  Yes, Jesus commanded His
disciples to, “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” but He also warned
in a significant portion of scripture, about His coming and the need to be prepared.  
Yet, many churches are stuck on the milk of the scriptures and refuse to acknowledge
or digest the meat.  They refuse to speak of the end-times.  Perhaps it is because they
don’t believe it themselves!  Some churches would rather coddle their members with
promises of prosperity, rather than cautioning them of the consequences of sin which
would help to prepare them not only for the coming of Christ, but also for the events
leading up to it.

The Bible predicted this great falling away from the faith that we are witnessing, but
this is only the beginning. (Thessalonians 2:3) If the churches don’t fess up and wake
up, this trend will continue and in massive numbers.