About the Book
Daniel’s Apocalypse: Revealing
the End-Times

Written by G. C. Stanford, is a chapter by
chapter, verse by verse analysis and
summary of the biblical book of Daniel.  It
can be used as a study guide in conjunction
with the biblical book of Daniel
or an
informative insight into the last days.
analyses will startle you as they go far
beyond the every day teachings of Daniel in
the Lions Den and the Fiery Furnace to
expose a deeper meaning
revealed to the
Prophet Daniel
and its relevancy to
Christians living in the
se end-times. The
revelation of Daniel includes a startling
parallel of the rise and fall of ancient Babylon
to that of a 21st century "Babylon" that
identified in the book.  It is
the same Babylon
spoken of in the book of Revelation.  

In addition to fabulous stories of faith, the
book reveals the rise of the Antichrist,
coming atrocities, major countries on the
end-time stage, and a glance into an actual
time-frame of the coming of Christ based on
Daniel's prophecy.
About the Author
G. C. Stanford earned a Bachelor of Science degree from
Howard University and a Master of Theology degree from
the Louisiana Christian University (ICI).

The author began as an ardent student of eschatology and is now defined
as a "watchman" commissioned by God to alert His people to the difficult
 that lie ahead and to wake up before it's too late!  The author served
a seminary professor having taught Old Testament Studies, Apologetics,
Eschatology, and
Certified Christian Counseling.

G.C. Stanford has authored three books, two of which have been published,
including God Speaks to Scientists, Too!  
Book Excerpt
"The Babylon in Daniel’s day and the Babylon in the last days have
similar characteristics.  First, both are the greatest of nations or kingdoms
during their time.   Second, both become a haven of unrighteousness and
idol worship.  Third, both fall because of their arrogance and refusal to
glorify God.   Fourth, both are deposed as a result of entanglement with
the Medes and Persians which today is Iran." (Chapter 1, page 15)
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prophesied in the book of Daniel?  Will
the Antichrist be revealed before the
Rapture?  How will Christians know that
the Rapture is near?  Can you identify
the last event that must occur before
Christ's return?
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