Here's an opportunity to host this 2-hour seminar at your church.  You will hear an important message  
concerning today's events, future events, America's fate, the unpreparedness of Christians, and how
God is preparing the church for His return.  All from the book of Daniel!

"Revealing the Prophetic
Scripture of Daniel
Concerning the Last Days"

Seminar Speaker: G.C. Stanford

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"America, America.  God
shed His grace on thee."

Is God's grace still on
This is a momentous time we are living in and God has a spoken word through the prophet Daniel that
will help us to understand what is going on in the world today and where it will all lead to.  Political
unrest, civil unrest, strife between the nations are all signs of the last days.

In addition to unveiling the secrets of the book of Daniel, the seminar will address why the United
States will attack and defeat Iran, why Christians will go through their own persecution,
why some
Christians will turn away from the faith, why Donald Trump was sent by God for this very hour,
should be
your plan if America collapses, and how should God's people prepare for the coming

God is still in control and does not want us to be ignorant concerning what He is doing in these last days.
Host your church seminar and discover that
this exercise of faith will change your life.