Understanding Biblical
Prophecy...Parable of the Ten
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Too often biblical prophecy is misunderstood. One such prophecy is the parable of the
ten virgins found in the book of Matthew, chapter 25. To sum it up, the parable depicts ten
virgins, five foolish and five wise who are waiting for the bridegroom to come.

In the end, it is the five wise virgins who get to attend the wedding feast with the
bridegroom, because the five foolish virgins were not prepared.

The message here is clear. Just because you call yourself a Christian is no guarantee
that you will not be left behind when Jesus Christ comes to gather the Saints. Who told
you that you could live any way you want and still go to heaven? They lied!

Let's look at the players in this parable. Jesus Christ is the bridegroom. (John 3:29;
Revelation 19:7-9; Revelation 21:9). All ten of the virgins are waiting on the bridegroom
therefore all ten virgins are Christians or call themselves Christians. We know that they
are Christians because they carry a lamp. Lamps give light. Jesus says in Matthew
5:14-16 that those who are His disciples are the light of the world.

So it is apparent that the ten virgins represent two groups of Christians, those who are
foolish and those who are wise.

Why are five of the virgins considered foolish? The word "foolish" is the Greek word,
"morous" meaning dull and/or stupid. It is where we get the word "moron." The light of
these virgins were dull. You see, they took no oil with them to wait for the bridegroom, so
as they waited they ran out of oil.

As Christians, we cannot afford to let our lights grow dim. A lamp cannot burn without oil; it
is the power that the lamp needs. For the Christian, the Holy Spirit is our oil, our power.
Without Him, we are ineffective as a lamp would be with no oil. The oil that the foolish
virgins ran out of was the Holy Spirit. They ran out of the power needed to keep their light

Olive oil was an important ingredient in the anointing oil used by the Jewish priests in the
sanctuary. Under the new covenant, our anointing is with the Holy Spirit just as Christ was
anointed at His baptism. The anointing of the Holy Spirit brings power. This power comes
from a continuous devotion to prayer and supplication just as the disciples were doing on
the day of Pentecost.

The five foolish virgins are described as foolish, in the Greek meaning, stupid. Why?
Because they had been fore-warned of being on the alert for the bridegroom. They knew
He was coming and still were unprepared.

Many of us are like that today. Jesus is constantly warning us in the scripture to be on the
alert, yet we are ignoring the alert. The very signs that Jesus said we would see denoting
the End-time are manifesting themselves in front of our very eyes, still some will not turn
from their wicked ways.

The five wise virgins were prudent; they were sensible. They took the oil they needed to
sustain them until the bridegroom came. They are depicted as being anointed and filled
with the Holy Spirit; they constantly prayed and fasted and were a light to those around

Matthew 25:10 says that while the foolish virgins ran back to get some oil, the bridegroom
came and took the group that was ready into the wedding feast with Him and closed the
door. When the foolish virgins returned, they knocked on the door, but the bridegroom
said to them, "I do not know you," In other words, go away.

Listen to the Word of God. There will be some who will miss the "rapture" or gathering
because they will not heed the warnings or signs. And the very ones who are feeling snug
right now, performing all of their religious rituals, will be the very ones unprepared.

Jesus told the chief priests and elders in Matthew 21:31, that tax-gatherers and harlots or
prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before them.

Are you ready for the coming of the bridegroom? Do you have what it will take to sustain
you? Do you have the power of the Holy Spirit? Take heed, for the time is near!
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